Belted Galloways – Bulls

Below are Belted Galloway Bulls that Four Starr Genetics has available.   For more information, use the corresponding number with the CLRC.CA search feature.

Alderman Eastman Zale

CLRC Number 36064-B

Aldermere Chatfield 3C

CLRC Number 38686-B

Anderson Hill Eliot

CLRC Number 11959-D

BCA Saul

CLRC Number 32089-B

Eastman Warrior

CLRC Number 32349-B

FSB Starstruck’s Zeus

CLRC Number 35958-B

FSB Starstruck’s Zapper

CLRC Number  TBD

FSB Wiga’s Zopman

CLRC Number 35956-B

FSB Wiga’s Zopper

CLRC Number 35957-D

FSB Apollo

CLRC Number 39823-R