Belted Galloways – Cows

Below are Belted Galloways that Four Starr Genetics has available.   For more information, use the corresponding number with the CLRC.CA search feature.


Aldermere Tara

CLRC Number 27822-B


Aldermere Tiaka

CLRC Number 28630-B


Aldermere Unique

CLRC Number 30792-B


Aldermere Wiga

CLRC Number 31062-B


Anderson Hill Darielle

CLRC Number 29446-B


Anderson Hill Echo

CLRC Number 30572-B


Anderson Hill Eliot

CLRC Number 11959-D


Anderson Hill Kiss

CLRC Number 38701-B


Anderson Hill Weekend Gal

CLRC Number  22430-D


Driftwood Salsa

CLRC Number 30838-R


FSS Liberty

CLRC Number 39824-B


FSB Majorette

CLRC Number 39826-B


FSB Nara

CLRC Number 39815-D


FSB Reanna

CLRC Number 39816-B


FSB Starstruck’s Zori

CLRC Number 35244-B


FSB Warrior Nancy

CLRC Number 36078-B


FSB Weekend Fun

CLRC Number 36079-D


FSB Weekend Trip

CLRC Number 37271-D


FSB Wiga Wiga Wiga

CLRC Number 39827-B


FSB Wiga’s Zap

CLRC Number 35235-D


FSB Wiga’s Zapple

CLRC Number 35236-D


FSB Wiga’s Zel

CLRC Number 35238-D

FSB Wiga’s Ziga

CLRC Number 35239-D

FSB Wiga’s Zipper

CLRC Number 35241-D

FSB Wiga’s Zizzer

CLRC Number 35237-B


FSB Wiga’s Zona

CLRC Number 35240-B


FSB Nancy’s Fate

CLRC Number 37270-B


Moonshadow Grace

CLRC Number 30538-B

Ridgeview Centerfold

CLRC Number 31070-B


Ridgeview Starstruck

CLRC Number 31072-D

Stones Throw First Lady

CLRC Number 32997-B


Stones Throw Michelle

CLRC Number 34594-B