Four Starr Genetics was established in 1982.  We have seen many sides of this breed over the decades, but found our way to Fleckviehs early on, as a positive influential breed for the commercial buyer.  Our cattle are raised in the heart of the Ozarks under a fescue based forage and you will find are easy- keeping, fertile, fast-gaining and efficient beef producing animals, with excellent maternal abilities.  Here at Four Starr Genetics we utilize many of the early bulls from the 1970’s, when the German and Austrian programs were oriented towards beef production and loaded with muscle.  Our herd of 150 Fleckvieh based fullbloods and a few high percentage black fleckviehs have proven them selves to work for our customers.

For your convenience, we have sorted (yee-haw) the Fleckvieh Bulls and Cows into two different sections.   Click on the images below to browse our Fleckviehs.


Fleckvieh Cows

Fleckvieh Bulls

Please see the Fleckvieh bulls and cows we have available at Four Starr Genetics.   For more info, use the corresponding ASA number at herdbook.org.